Holly Pearson
Vancouver Make-up Artist

About Holly Pearson

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website today. I am a makeup artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I work mainly in TV and Film, but I also do makeup for photoshoots, weddings, etc.

How did I get started?

I’ve always had a huge love for beauty, art, and makeup. When I was really young, my parents hired a face painter for a few of my birthday parties. I was always so excited to be painted upon, and so curious to watch has she transformed my friends into any kind of animal or character we could imagine! I liked asking to be a sabre toothed tiger. I definitely think that having her at my birthday parties planted the seed into getting me interested in makeup and paint.

I always wore unique clothing and makeup in junior high, and high school. I loved everything 80s punk and goth, so I drew a lot of inspiration from that. My passion for fashion and makeup grew stronger when I was in high school. I took a fashion sewing class for 3 years, and made a lot of fun and clothing, but I realized that with all my reference photos and inspiration from models on the runway, I was actually drawn in more by the makeup than the clothing, I realized that was what I was actually most interested in. After I figured that out, I told my teacher in my fashion class that I wanted to be a makeup artist, and maybe it was because I lived in a small city in Alberta, but she told me that if I wanted to be in the beauty industry that I should become a hair dresser, because there’s no money in makeup, and there wasn’t a big demand for makeup artists. I refused to believe it, and from there it fueled my desire to want to make it happen.

Since that day in school, I started practicing makeup on my friends, and family. I also got a full time job at a grocery store to save up money so I could move to Vancouver, and go to Blanche MacDonald College for their full time makeup artistry program. I started Blanche MacDonald in 2009, and graduated in 2010. Not only did I learn about makeup for fashion, I learned how to do special effects, prosthetics, airbrushing, and makeup for tv and film. The class I enjoyed most was the one I took for tv and film, because I enjoyed the process of creating a character, and giving meaning and reason for my choices in makeup. I also enjoyed utilizing both my skills in beauty and special effects, it gives me the option to do it all! I knew that if I wanted to work on shows and movies, I would need to get into the film union IATSE 891, which is the most respected union for the industry. We were taught in school that it was very difficult to get into because the standards are so high, and its very hard to join in general.

Maybe my high school fashion teacher was a little right, because it certainly wasn’t easy getting into makeup full time after I graduated. With there being several makeup schools in my city, the makeup jobs were spread thin and most makeup jobs were on a volunteer basis. I did whatever I could do to keep myself going. I had a full time job working as a cashier in a sports store, but after work, or on my days off I would do makeup for fashion shows, student/indie films, weddings, and photoshoots, you name it, I did it! Eventually I started working regularly at Shaw TV on my days off from the sports store, doing makeup for the hosts and guests of some of the local talk shows. I had such a blast, and it really helped solidify my decision for what I wanted to do career wise. It took me 7 years to get into IATSE, but all that time, hard work and patience paid off, and in the end it has helped me to be a better, more well rounded makeup artist.

In the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working on different makeup teams, on different shows and features such as: No Tomorrow, X Files, Deadpool 2, Salvation Season 2, and the Twilight Zone,

I have a lot of pride in my job. I would say that I don’t need motivation to get where I’m going. This isn’t just a job for me. I surround myself constantly with makeup, fashion and entertainment, and trends of the past and present. I’m always learning and always amazed at the new things the industry has to offer. I’m easy to get along with and I am told that I make people feel comfortable, relaxed in my chair and that I have a really gentle hand. I love helping clients and talent look like the best version of themselves or to help someone become a character that is so far from what they are actually like in real life.

My personality, vision for beauty, art and makeup makes me unique.

I smile, I laugh, and I live for my job. My dreams as an artist have come true. This has been my passion since I was young, this is my dream that I’m living.

I look forward to use my talent and passion to work with you soon!